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About us

The Joint Charge of the Black Isle in the United Diocese of Moray, Ross & Caithness, with our Bishop and our Rector, is a community of God’s people united in our common Baptism and centred on the Living Word of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, as found in Sacred Scripture, in the Eucharist, in one another and all people, everywhere.

(The Scottish Episcopal Church’s history is interwoven with the whole story of Christianity in Scotland – back to the Celtic Saints like Ninian and Columba (more locally, Saints like Moluag, Cuiridan and Kessog) and through the Scottish Reformation and all the turbulence which followed…including the Jacobites and Culloden.

The Scottish Episcopal Church, as part of the ANGLICAN COMMUNION, has a global vision of its place in the world church.  As a matter of fact, there are those who would say that the Anglican Communion was born in Scotland with the Episcopal Church providing the United States with their first Bishop in the person of Samuel Seabury!)

We are a community where ALL are welcome.

(We are passionately INCLUSIVE and hope that everyone will find a warm welcome within our congregations regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, national origin, faith (or lack thereof), ability or disability… To quote a faithful member of our church family,  “Whoever you are, wherever you have been, whatever you call yourself, you are to be welcomed and loved here, for God so loved the world.”)

We are a community where all seek to be loving and caring, welcoming and forgiving, serving and healing.

We are a community where the poor can go for help, the lonely for company and the sorrowing for comfort..

We are a community where, with fidelity to our own faith and respect for that of others, we seek the unity for which Christ prayed.

In the spirit of faith, service, and community, we strive to bring people closer together and closer to God.

This we accomplish by:

  • Building our lives in the image of Christ through worship and prayer.  This includes being passionate for justice and peace.
  • Contributing to the growth of our parish by spreading the Good News (Gospel) by word, witness, action and evangelization. This means being available to all whether they join us at the altar or not.
  • Inviting everyone to serve, in this way meeting the needs of our parishioners and the broader community.
  • Being faithful stewards, accountable to God for by responsibly sharing our time, talents and treasures.  This includes being stewards of creation with reverence for the environment and awareness of those who will follow us.
  • Lending support to the parish leadership and working together to fulfill the mission.